The purpose of the course is to train the students’ ability to synthesize the knowledge they have obtained in the other clinical and clinical-theoretical disciplines in the course of the study. This centers around acute patient situations inside / outside the hospital.

The teaching is therefore based on short casualties, slides and video recordings. The choice of subjects will include: Acute chest pain, syncope, cramps, the acute febrile patient, acute social problems, acute endocrinology, the acute sick child and other subjects.

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A smart mother makes often a better diagnosis than a poor doctor.

— August Bier
  • Primær vurdering og behandling af frakturpatienten

    Primær vurdering og behandling af frakturpatienten

    Den initiale indsats i skadestuen.

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  • Quick Reference to Critical Care

    Quick Reference to Critical Care

    Sharpen your critical care skills, with the fully updated Quick Reference to Critical Care, fifth 5th edition. This well-illustrated pocket guide covers the full range of critical care scenarios, listing each disorder, medication, test, or device alphabetically by body system. Each entry supports the latest evidence-based nursing procedures and stabilization practices, all formatted in a convenient quick-read outline.

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  • Skjærpe, T: EKG

    Skjærpe, T: EKG

    Meininga med dette kompendiet er å gjere det normale EKG forståeleg, samt å gje ei innføring i dei vanlegaste morfologiske forandringane. Det er i hovedsak dette som vil krevast til eksamen - i tillegg til arrytmidiagnostikk Dersom eg får tid, legg eg planer om å lage ein liten oversikt over EKG-forandringer ved div. medikament.

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  • Spinal Trauma – An Imaging Approach

    Spinal Trauma – An Imaging Approach

    The diagnosis of trauma to the spine -- where the slightest oversight may have catastrophic results -- requires a thorough grasp of the spectrum of resultant pathology as well as the imaging modalities used in making an accurate diagnosis. In Spinal Trauma, the internationally renowned team of experts provides a comprehensive, cutting-edge exposition of the current vital role of imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries.

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