Chemistry is the science of the internal structure of the substances and related properties as well as the substance changes that may be the result of altered external conditions, such as contact with other substances or altered pressure and temperature.

The subject is about the part of the chemistry that is relevant to biological systems, thus forming a scientific foundation for many other subjects such as cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics, physiology, pharmacology and clinical biochemistry.

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Overhal dine konkurrenter indenom.

— Bilal Mirza
  • Chemicool


    Chemicool was the brainchild of David D. Hsu. of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. The website went online in 1996 and since then we have been trying to help out anyone involved in chemistry. The data for this site were acquired with help from the following people; a big thanks goes out to all of them: Cabrol D.; Moore J. W and Kotz J. C.

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  • Chemistry


    The second edition of this market leading textbook, with a multimedia-integrated approach to the presentation of Chemistry for University students! This is the second edition of this market leading text book. The text and digital package is engineered to cater for the content needs of the first year chemistry course as it is generally taught at universities.

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  • Christoffersen, J: Basal Almen Kemi for Biologer

    Christoffersen, J: Basal Almen Kemi for Biologer

    Vægten lægges på grundlæggende, almene fænomener og love. Kendskab hertil er af betydning, for at kunne følge med i den rivende udvikling de biologiske fag gennemgår, hen mod en molekylær forståelse af biologiske processer og systemer. Den kommende bog skrives ikke med henblik på nogle specielle uddannelser, så studerende ved biologisk orienterede uddannelser får et godt forhold til nogle væsentlige principper.

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  • Clinical Chemistry

    Clinical Chemistry

    This book considers what happens to the body's chemistry when affected by disease. Each chapter explains the principle involved and its application to clinical practice. In addition, there is discussion of diagnostic techniques and specific details about patient management. This book stresses how clinical chemistry relates to the practice of medicine by incorporating over 100 real patient case histories.

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  • DTU Kemi

    DTU Kemi

    DTU Kemi varetager størstedelen af undervisningen i kemi på DTU. Forskningen spænder vidt i tråd med målsætningen om forskningsbaseret undervisning. Instituttets styrkeområder er: Bæredygtig kemi - Energi - Kemi på grænsefladen til biologi - Nanokemi - Femtokemi.

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  • Find Formlen – Kemi

    Find Formlen – Kemi

    Denne formelsamling er et hjælpemiddel til de kemiske fag på de første år af ingeniørstudiet indenfor kemi, samt som et overskueligt opslagsværk til anvendelse senere i studiet.
    Den dækker både organisk, fysisk, og almen kemi. Formelsamlingen er baseret på egne erfaringer fra ingeniørstudiet og sammensat med hjælp fra underviserne i de enkelte fag.

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  • Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Chemistry

    Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Chemistry

    Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry by McMurry, Ballantine, Hoeger, and Peterson provides background in chemistry and biochemistry with a relatable context to ensure students of all disciplines gain an appreciation of chemistry’s significance in everyday life. Known for its clarity and concise presentation, this text balances chemical concepts with examples, drawn from students’ everyday lives.

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  • Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry

    Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry

    Master organic chemistry with this thorough, to-the-point introduction to the fascinating science of organic chemistry. In every chapter of FUNDAMENTALS OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, 7e, you'll find applications that demonstrate how organic chemistry relates to your everyday life, a striking full color art program that helps you visualize chemical processes and reactions, and superior learning tools.

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