• manan.dk spot

    manan.dk spot

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  • studmednoter.com


    stud.med. Jeppe Bay Glenting og stud.med. Thomas Purup har lavet hjemmesiden studmednoter cialis professional 20 mg.com. Et imponerende stykke arbejde! Alle link til studmednoter.com findes nu også på manan.dk.

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  • asmabashir.com


    stud.med. Asma Bashir has made a great website, which contains notes for virtually all medical subjects. A unique contribution to all medical students in Denmark! All links to asmabashir.com are now also available at manan.dk.

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  • manan.dk statistics

    manan.dk statistics

    manan.dk has been around for 15 years now. Although there have been periods when maintenance of the site has been absent, it is now the ambition to make the best students site for health science education. In order for it to happen, it also requires an engagement from our users. It is your unique contribution

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  • manan.dk optimization

    manan.dk optimization

    We are currently working on improving manan.dk so the experience for visitors becomes optimal. We are among other things in the process of optimizing the speed of the site, and are pleased to announce that it has already been significantly faster than before. New ideas and input to manan.dk are very welcome.

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  • Server upgrade

    Server upgrade

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  • Welcome


    Welcome to the new manan.dk! For a long time, it has been a desire to give manan.dk a new layout. The reason has primarily been that the “old” page contained menu in Flash that could not be used on tablets and smartphones. Therefore, users could not visit the page with a mobile device. That is

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  • manan.dk: update

    manan.dk: update

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