The purpose of the microscopic anatomy education is to give students the knowledge of the light and electron microscopic structure of normal cells, tissues, organ systems, and also to compare morphology with molecular and cellular processes.

Knowledge of organs, tissues and cells’ normal structural design provides the basis for understanding of diseased cell and tissue processes.

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The fact that your patient gets well does not prove that your diagnosis was correct.

— Samuel J. Meltzer
  • Vinther & Dahl: Celleanatomi

    Vinther & Dahl: Celleanatomi

    Dette link er fra "". er en hjemmeside af Elif Bayram fra Københavns Universitet. Siden er - helt berettiget - meget populær blandt de medicinstuderende. kan varmt anbefale et besøg af siden.

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  • Yeast: Molecular and Cell Biology

    Yeast: Molecular and Cell Biology

    Based on the feedback resulting from his highly successful monograph, Horst Feldmann has totally rewritten the contents to produce a comprehensive, student-friendly textbook on the topic. The scope has been widened, with almost double the content so as to include all aspects of yeast biology, from genetics via cell biology right up to biotechnology applications.

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