The aim is for the student to gain such insight that, in their later practice as a doctor, they will be able to use pharmacotherapy in an optimal and responsible manner.

The teaching should provide the student with an understanding of the mechanisms of action of drugs, their fate in the organism and the main pharmacokinetic principles. The student should be able to establish a rational pharmacotherapeutic strategy based on knowledge of the main therapeutic groups and the respective drugs.

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The fact that your patient gets well does not prove that your diagnosis was correct.

— Samuel J. Meltzer
  • Illustrert farmakologi, bind 2, 3 utg.

    Illustrert farmakologi, bind 2, 3 utg.

    Rasjonell farmakoterapi er et viktig verktøy for å kunne iverksette effektive terapeutiske tiltak ved en rekke sykdommer og lidelser. Integrert kunnskap om biologiske prosesser som fører til sykdommer, og om hvordan legemidler påvirker slike prosesser, er en forutsetning for rasjonell farmakoterapi.

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  • Instant Pharmacology

    Instant Pharmacology

    Written by students, for students, Instant Pharmacology represents a novel approach to the study of pharmacology and provides an accessible and exhaustive, yet concise account of pharmacology. The book first introduces readers to the basic principles of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, which are obviously essential for understanding the action of all drugs.

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  • Institut for Lægemiddeldesign of Farmakologi (KU)

    Institut for Lægemiddeldesign of Farmakologi (KU)

    Institut for Lægemiddeldesign of Farmakologi arbejder for at fremme de farmaceutiske videnskaber gennem forskningsbaseret undervisning og tværfaglig, lægemiddel-relateret forskning, der spænder fra det molekylære til det kliniske niveau.

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  • Institut for Rationel Farmakoterapi (IRF)

    Institut for Rationel Farmakoterapi (IRF)

    Institut for Rationel Farmakoterapi (IRF) er knyttet til Sundhedsstyrelsen, enhed for Sygehuse og beredskab. Chefen for denne enhed er samtidig chef for IRF og refererer til Sundhedsstyrelsens direktion. IRF har sit eget budget og tager ikke del i Sundhedsstyrelsens rutineopgaver. Sundhedsstyrelsen er en styrelse under Ministeriet for Sundhed og Forebyggelse.

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  • Integrated Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology

    Integrated Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology

    Integrated Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology, Third Edition, offers instructors and students an engaging, interactive teaching and learning experience. The text's integrated approach includes perspectives from both pharmacists and respiratory therapists. In addition, pharmacology is linked to physiology and pathology to give students complete, cohesive coverage.

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  • Integrated Pharmacology

    Integrated Pharmacology

    Thoroughly updated, the 3rd Edition of this popular text continues to take its fresh approach to studying pharmacology by examining drugs in the context of the diseases they are used to treat within each body system. Drug action is clearly explained at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organ levels. Numerous high-quality, full-color illustrations, plus at-a-glance boxes and tables.

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  • Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology

    Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology

    Edmunds helps you understand how drugs and drug classes work, rather than simply memorizing information about individual drugs. This book emphasizes the principles of safe drug administration, including coverage of math review and drug dosage calculation. It also covers "must-know" drugs the ones you'll see most often in clinical practice.

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  • Introduction to Pharmacology

    Introduction to Pharmacology

    Administer drugs safely and prevent drug errors with accurate, up-to-date drug information! Concise and easy to understand, Introduction to Pharmacology, 12th Edition provides drug monographs with key information such as generic and trade names, indications, common adverse effects, and typical adult and pediatric dosages.

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