The subject area includes the subject’s bacteriology, virology, immunology, parasitology and mycology, and in connection with the subject area (but as an independent subject) is also taught in clinical immunology.

Microbiology is concerned with the many functions of microorganisms; Thus their role in nature’s circuits has been explored and exploited both in soil cultivation and pollution control.

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The fact that your patient gets well does not prove that your diagnosis was correct.

— Samuel J. Meltzer
  • Struckmann, H: Antibakterielt Spektrum

    Struckmann, H: Antibakterielt Spektrum

    En meget nyttig oversigt.

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  • Svendsen, M: Mikrobiologi

    Svendsen, M: Mikrobiologi

    Igennem årene har jeg produceret og samlet en del noter, kompendier og lignende. Nedstående liste viser, hvad dokument-filen indeholder: Bakteriologi, Mykologi, Parasitologi, Virologi.

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  • Visual Mnemonics for Microbiology and Immunology

    Visual Mnemonics for Microbiology and Immunology

    Visual Mnemonics for Microbiology and Immunology uses carton drawings that make material easier to learn with tremendous recall months later. Laurie Marbas, a third year medical student at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, developed this series using "concept diagramming" to shorten her study time and help her recall the facts. Classmates using these drawings reported improved test scores.

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  • Wad, M: Mikrobiologi

    Wad, M: Mikrobiologi

    Har på 6.sem lavet nogle noter til Infektionsmedicin. Et sæt til Bakteriologi, et til Virologi og et til Parasitologi. Det er en form for skematiske noter lavet ud fra de små kompendier.

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