The aim of the course is to provide the medical students with insight and knowledge of pathological anatomy, a subject that explores the morbid processes in cells and tissues on a morphological basis.

The general pathological anatomy describes the general disease processes that form the basis of the special pathological anatomy, in which the disease processes in the individual organs are described in detail.

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People pay the doctor for his trouble; for his kindness they still remain in his debt.

— Seneca
  • Manan, S: Patologi, Nyrer og urinveje

    Manan, S: Patologi, Nyrer og urinveje

    Patologiske oversigter.

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  • Manan, S: Patologi, Respirationsveje

    Manan, S: Patologi, Respirationsveje

    Patologiske oversigter.

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  • Master Medicine: General and Systematic Pathology

    Master Medicine: General and Systematic Pathology

    The authors are highly respected professionals in the UK. It is a short, highly readable and well illustrated book on general and systematic pathology, approached from the point of view of what medical students need to know in order to understand the clinical work they will eventually be doing. Includes a great variety of self-assessment, to reinforce the messages and to test understanding.

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  • Medical Imagery

    Medical Imagery

    Your complete professional source for anatomical illustrations, animations, web design, stock art and medical legal graphics.

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  • Netter’s Illustrated Human Pathology

    Netter’s Illustrated Human Pathology

    Netter's Atlas of Human Pathology is a visually vibrant approach to help students gain critical insight into the structure-function relationships and the pathological basis of human disease. It provides clear and succinct representations of common human diseases by relating anatomical changes to the functional and clinical manifestations of disease and their underlying causes and mechanisms.

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  • Nilsson, E: Myelomatose

    Nilsson, E: Myelomatose

    Noter af Erik Nilsson, stud med.

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  • Orthopaedic Pathology, 5th Edition

    Orthopaedic Pathology, 5th Edition

    Orthopaedic Pathology, 5th Edition, by Peter G. Bullough, MB, ChB, presents a unique, lavishly illustrated account of the pathology of arthritic disorders, metabolic disturbances, and soft tissue and bone tumors. Nearly 2,000 high-quality pathologic slides, diagnostic images, and gross specimens—side-by-side—depict the appearance of a wide range of conditions and correlate orthopaedic pathology.

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  • Pathology at a Glance

    Pathology at a Glance

    Following the familiar, easy-to-use at a Glance format and in full-colour, Pathology at a Glance is an accessible introduction and revision text for medical students. Reflecting changes to the curriculum content and assessment methods employed by medical schools, this at a Glance provides a user-friendly overview of pathology to encapsulate all that the student needs to know.

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