Kirurgi, oprindelig den del af sygdomsbehandlingen, der udføres manuelt og tidligere blev udøvet af kirurger (barberkirurger), der havde fået en håndværksmæssig uddannelse i modsætning til de studerede læger.

Oprindelig omfatter faget således behandling ved operation med instrumenter eller ved bandagering. I 1842 blev kirurg- og lægeuddannelsen sammenlagt i Danmark.

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Never forget that it is not a pneumonia, but a pneumonic man who is your patient.

— William Withey Gull
  • Nerve Surgery, Thieme

    Nerve Surgery, Thieme

    Representing the treatment and management philosophy of Dr. Susan Mackinnon, Nerve Surgery provides extensive coverage of innovative surgical options as well as guidance on the management of complicated compression neuropathies. In addition to detailed information on tried-and-true as well as cutting-edge surgical techniques, it contains chapters on the basic principles of nerve surgery.

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  • Neurologi/neurokirurgi


    Bogen giver en koncentreret fremstilling af den basale neuroanatomi og neurofysiologi. Undersøgelsen af den neurologiske patient gennemgås i to kapitler, og de væsentligste neurologiske og neurokirurgiske sygdomme samt deres behandling omtales.

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  • Neurosurgery Online

    Neurosurgery Online

    Neurosurgery, the Official Journal of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons is your most complete window on the contemporary field of neurosurgery. Members of the Congress and non-member subscribers receive 3000 pages per year packed with the very latest science, technology, and medicine, not to mention full-text online access to the world’s most complete, up-to-the-minute neurosurgery resource.

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  • Paaske, W: Karkirurgi

    Paaske, W: Karkirurgi

    Karkirurgien er den gren af lægekunsten, der beskæftiger sig med forebyggelse, diagnostik og behandling af sygdomme i blod- og lymfekar som klinisk og videnskabelig disciplin. Hjertets kar og den hjertenære del af aorta hører under hjertekirurgien, de intracerebrale kar under neurokirurgien.

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  • Rigshospitalet: Karkirurgi

    Rigshospitalet: Karkirurgi

    Noter fra klinikundervisning fra Rigshospitalet.

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  • Rutherford’s Vascular Surgery, 2-Volume Set

    Rutherford’s Vascular Surgery, 2-Volume Set

    The seventh edition of Rutherford’s Vascular Surgery-the most acclaimed comprehensive reference in vascular surgery-presents state-of-the-art updates on every aspect of vascular health care.This revision incorporates endovascular and nonoperative treatment throughout the book. It has been extensively revised by many new, international authors-led by Drs. Jack Cronenwett and K. Wayne Johnston.

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  • Sabiston Textbook of Surgery, 18th Edition

    Sabiston Textbook of Surgery, 18th Edition

    This distinguished reference carries on a 70-year legacy as the world's most thorough, useful, readable, and understandable text on the principles and techniques of surgery. Its peerless contributors deliver all the well-rounded, state-of-the-art knowledge you need to richly grasp the pathophysiology and optimal management of every surgical conditions.

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  • Surgery at a Glance, 5th Edition

    Surgery at a Glance, 5th Edition

    This new edition of Surgery at a Glance provides a concise and visually-orientated summary of a comprehensive lecture course in surgery. Following the easy-to-use at a Glance format, each topic is presented with clear illustrations and key facts encapsulating all that you need to know. The book is coherently divided into clinical presentations followed by major surgical conditions.

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  • Surgical knot tying

    Surgical knot tying

    The knots demonstrated on the following pages are those most frequently used, and are applicable to all types of operative procedures. The camera was placed behind the demonstrator so that each step of the knot is shown as seen by the operator. For clarity, one-half of the strand is purple and the other white. The purple working strand is initially held in the right hand.

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  • Surgical knot tying (video #1)

    Surgical knot tying (video #1)

    Youtube video sekvenser med kirurgisk knudeteknik.

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  • Surgical knot tying (video #2)

    Surgical knot tying (video #2)

    Youtube video sekvenser med kirurgisk knudeteknik.

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  • Sutur techniques (video #1)

    Sutur techniques (video #1)

    Youtube video sekvenser med suturteknik.

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