En tavlecomputer (eng. tablet-computer, eller blot tablet) er en lille computer i form af en trykfølsom skærm, der bruger en digital pen eller blot ens finger, som det primære inputredskab, i stedet for et tastatur eller en mus, der som regel ikke er inkluderet.

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He’s the best physician that knows the worthlessness of the most medicines.

— Benjamin Franklin
  • Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas

    Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas

    The app is in development and we gradually add new content. If the app is not compatible with your device you can still enjoy our PC and Mac version through wwww.AnatomyLearning.com

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  • Doximity – Physician Network

    Doximity – Physician Network

    Doximity is the largest medical professional network in the US, with over 40% of physicians as members. Through both mobile and web platforms, physicians can use Doximity's free tools for HIPAA-secure communication, electronic faxing, reading custom-curated medical news, and career management. Doximity is designed exclusively for healthcare professionals.

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  • Epocrates


    Access Epocrates’ trusted clinical resources faster and more conveniently than ever from your iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, or iPod touch. More than 1 million active members, including 50% of U.S. physicians, rely on Epocrates to enable better patient care by delivering the right information, right when it’s needed.

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  • Heart Pro III

    Heart Pro III

    Heart Pro III's primary use is as a learning tool but can also be used as a fast and innovative reference tool by utilizing the index function that allows the user to select an item and the app will automatically zoom in and identify it. 

 Additionally, this app is ideal for physicians, educators or professionals, allowing them to visually show detailed areas of the heart and / or animations to their patients or students.

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  • MedCalc (medical calculator)

    MedCalc (medical calculator)

    MedCalc gives you easy access to complicated medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications. Each formula has been individually designed and optimized for the small iPhone screen.

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  • Medscape


    Medscape from WebMD (medscape.com) is the leading medical resource most used by physicians, medical students, nurses and other healthcare professionals for clinical information. The Medscape app is the highest rated, fastest growing free mobile app for healthcare professionals with over 4 million registered users.

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  • Muscle System Pro III

    Muscle System Pro III

 - Muscle System Pro III is used by most universities and is now the standard learning/reference tool for students and medical professionals.

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  • Omnio: Your personalized, all-in-one clinical resource

    Omnio: Your personalized, all-in-one clinical resource

    Keeping up to date on medical information today is like drinking from a fire hose, with new information doubling every three to five years. Join the thousands of medical professionals who are downloading Omnio each week to filter out the noise and gain quick and easy access to important and relevant medical information.

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