Welcome to the new manan.dk!

For a long time, it has been a desire to give manan.dk a new layout. The reason has primarily been that the “old” page contained menu in Flash that could not be used on tablets and smartphones.

Therefore, users could not visit the page with a mobile device. That is now over.
The new page is not only visible on a mobile device, but it also adapts the different sizes, thus always appearing elegant and user-friendly.

manan.dk was founded in 1999 and has since its start had just over 1.2 million visits. And despite the fact that the page has not been updated regularly, either in design or content.
The purpose has been to create a student site that contained all things together in one place. It is still needed.

The page will now be updated by a professional team who will not only update/maintain the page but also come up with new initiatives that can make a hard student life easier.

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