Microbiology, Biological Discipline, which deals with the study of bacteria, viruses and other groups of microorganisms.

Microbiology is concerned with the many functions of microorganisms; Thus their role in nature’s circuits has been explored and exploited both in soil cultivation and pollution control.

Microorganisms have since been used in the production of several different types of food, for example for raising bread, fermentation of alcoholic beverages and acidification of milk products, but on the contrary, microorganisms are also the main opponents in the effort to increase food shelf life or prevent poisoning, such as botulism or salmonella infections

Industrial microorganisms are used inter alia. for the production of antibiotics and other drugs as well as enzymes and chemicals. With the introduction of genetic engineering, there has been a completely new form of biological production of chemical compounds, preferably drugs. Microorganisms are also being tested in some countries as biological weapons.